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Création d'un site européen dédié à la préservation des voitures anciennes..















Création d'un site européen dédié à la préservation des voitures anciennes..



The website for spreading the culture of restoration of ancientcarriages




Only about 100 years ago, horse-drawncarriages in different formations were disused to make way for "motorhorse" towing.
The revolution, however, has noterased the memory of centuries of history, tradition, costume, sport, service, in a word "the world of ancient carriages", so much so that even today the competitions of traditional drivings amaze and fascinate.The carriage is what most testifies the story of driving.
The original carriages: the breathandess and curiosity of the judges, passion of the owners and the public, cross and delight for those who own and want to preserve them.
The website represents a community of restorers, artisans, collectors, passionate drivers, judges, but also only "curious" of every country in Europe who are fascinated by the world of ancient carriages and want to contribute to safeguard the history and art of the restoration of this cultural asset, thus collaborating with concrete actions to preserve the Italian and European cultural heritage.
The purpose of the community, in fact, is to represent, discuss, propose, share all aspects related to the restoration of carriages, also legalones, encourage the exchange of expertise, in a word create a "world" of the restoration of carriages .
The European Restoration Group addresses technical issues, such as the formation of the restorer, materials, the reconciliation of philological needs with safety, technologies, but also legal protection of the cultural good, the importance of a factsheet of the works also carried out for judgment in traditional competitions, etc.

The idea of creating a virtual meeting place was born as I am a traditional judge, a member of the Gruppo Italiano Attacchi, which in turn is associated with the Association Internationale d'Attelage of Tradition– AIAT.

Veryoften, in carrying out the judgment activity in the traditional competitions, the judge encounters delicate problems related to the restoration of ancient carriages that - especially  by foreign colleagues - are analyzed punctually for the purpose of scoring by assign: padding, used screws, leather material for the caps or harnesses or cloth for curtains, seats, footrests; threads of the wooden parts, plastering, material used in colors, type of color given, etc.
The problem of a philological restoration, performed by restorers who have graduated and recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, who put into practice the preservation of the "cultural good", as defined by the code of cultural heritage that expressly counts among these are the oldcarriages, is a problem common to all the countries of Europe.
The above is an excellent reason to create a European group of coordination, representation, discussion and proposal, including those of a legal nature, of organizing exhibitions, etc., in a word a "world" of the restoration of carriages.
The Italian flag on the website is carried by the Recro Consortium, made up of attentive and active young restorers, graduates of the ISCR - Higher Institute for Conservation and Restoration of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism, engaged often in the restoration of carriages at the Quirinale.
For the UK, FenixCarriages by Mark Broadbent is operational; For Belgium Patrick Schoreven; Sealina Dorantes for Spain. Manynations are in the running.
The site was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association Internationale d'Attelage of Tradition–AIAT which was held in the Uk in February 2020 and has attracted strong interestas a flexible but effective tool for the community.
The European Restoration Group enhances the national and international image of all those who are passionate about safeguarding the culture of the carriage, but more than that contributes to all those actions that concretely aim to preserve the Italian and European cultural heritage.


Création d'un site européen dédié à la préservation des voitures anciennes..
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